SpiderApe: Beefing up SpiderMonkey

SpiderApe is a C++ library built on top of SpiderMonkey, the Mozilla Project's Javascript/ECMAScript engine. It allows C++ developers to embed SpiderMonkey simply and easily into their client applications. Like its forefather, SpiderApe falls under the Mozilla Public License (MPL).

SpiderApe started development in August, 2005. Originally part of a larger client program, the generic bits of embedding SpiderMonkey were factored out into something intended to empower SpiderMonkey users a bit more... to beef it up. Thus the name SpiderApe - the bigger, stronger monkey.

Related Work

Flusspferd (the German word for hippopotamus) is a project similar in SpiderApe, but newer and more actively maintained. They also provide class-binding features and add-ons for popular third-party libs like cURL and sqlite3.

v8-juice, another pet project of mine, is very similar to SpiderApe but is implemented on top of the Google v8 JavaScript Engine.

Recent news...

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25 Sept 2007
30 April 2007:

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19 August 2006:


Ape currently provides the following features:


JavaScript Resources


If you're interested in assisting in development, please get in touch. i don't have much intention of turning this into a full-time project, and would be happy if someone else would get involved.

Getting started...

You can find several getting-started examples on the demos page.

That should be enough to get you started...

Happy hacking!