SpiderApe documentation

The source distribution comes with a copy of the current manual in ODT (OpenDocument Text) format. As a convenience to developers, and to assist those who want to peek at the docs without having to download the project's source tree, here we have the manuals available in various formats as a separate download. As of 31 January 2007, the manual is broken up into the "main" manual, which covers SpiderApe itself, and the plugins manual, which documents only the plugins.

The API documentation is kept in the header files. A tool such as Doxygen can be used to generate documentation from them.

You can download both the manual and the API documentation from our SourceForge download page: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=149663. (Look for the 'spiderape-doc' package.)

If you are working from the source tree, the API docs can be generated by doing the following:
cd doc/doxygen
make doxygen
The output will be in the 'html' directory.